9 ways to make money from Facebook 2022

9 ways to make money from Facebook 2022

9 ways to make money from Facebook 2022

monetize facebook earning from facebook

Profit from a Facebook group course In this chapter, we will review together 9 ways to profit from a Facebook group, the number of members in the group must be more than 1000 or 2000 members because the number if it is small, the comments and likes will be weak and therefore there will not be confidence between you and the audience and therefore will not You can profit by selling products to them.

The first method :

It is the preferred method (drop shipping), and you are staying away from competition here, what does this mean?! When you put the product you chose on the group, it keeps you away from the competition. The source of the product here, for example, Amazon or eBay, and you will take the link and copy it on your group. If you offer the product to your target audience, you can achieve ten sales during the day, because those who will buy your product will buy it just because They trust you.

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